Nouakchott voice Radio launched its news program in English

Nouakchott Voice Radio, the only Webradio in Mauritania, launched its news program in English, the first phase, that  began on Wednesday evening 02/05/ 2018 includes a show that is called “Welcome to Mauritania”.

In addition to a weekly newscast covering various political and cultural activities in Mauritania.

The head of the foreign languages departement at the radio, Rougy Soumare, said that the radio will be strong and speaks to all English speakers around the world. The radio would be keen to bring back its programs in times that suits its audience in the United States, Australia and Canada.

Al Hadrami Ahmed, a member of the English language team, added that the package will expand and will include broader matters in order to give more information about Mauritania in a  manner that is compatible with the aspirations of the radio and the state.

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