About Guerou City

Guerou is a magnificent city in south-central Mauritania (60 km west of Kiffa). It is (arguably) the largest city in the Assaba Region. it boasts the vastest oasis of palm-trees in the east of Mauritania. It has a population of around 15000 residents.

Being situated along the Road of Hope (that joins the east and west of Mauritania) it is considered one of the most important cities of Mauritania.

As for tourism, the city has a lot of untapped potentially attractive scenery, not the least of which is the Valley (eddakhla in particular), Guei6ara and Wed ejjrid, and so on.

As for culture and knowledge, the city has some reputable Schools (known as Mahdaras) that still teach true Islam and convey its comprehensive and tolerant message.In fact, it has given the world an impressive number of scholars who spread the name of our country worldwide (to say the least).

That’s no wonder when you know that Guerou is the lawful heir to the war-torn city of Tinigui which the Explorer Ibn Battuta called the most knowledgeable city of his time.

It is worth mentioning that we can talk for ever about Guerou because the story of this enchanting city never ends or give away all of its secrets. However, time and space constrain me from such endeavor.

By Mohamed Isselmou Elkhou

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